General Motors has filed trademark applications for the Buick Electra name in the U.S. and Canada.

First spotted by a Rivian Owners Forum user, the Canadian trademark application covers "motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles." We found the same language in a second application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Electra nameplate was a fixture in Buick's lineup for decades. It first appeared for the 1959 model year and lasted until 1990. Buick replaced the Electra with the Park Avenue. Cars had already been wearing Electra Park Avenue badges for a few years at that point, anyway.

Buick Electra concept

Buick Electra concept

While the Electra name has a lot of history, it's still unclear if GM actually plans to use it on a new Buick. Automakers often trademark names they have no immediate plans to use, sometimes as a way to maintain control of names with special significance. For example, Ford and Toyota have renewed trademarks for the Thunderbird and Celica names, respectively, several times in recent years, but there is no indication that new versions of those iconic models are on the way.

GM also applied for a trademark on the Buick Electra name in 2012, and unveiled an Electra EV concept in Shanghai, China, in 2020. The concept wasn't meant to preview a specific production model, but GM is in the midst of a significant EV push that includes Buick. The Electra name is perfect for an EV.

The brand is working on at least two electric SUVs due by 2023. One will have conventional proportions, while the other will have a more coupe-like profile, according to a 2020 GM announcement. Could one of them be named Electra? Stay tuned.