If you're looking for a G-Wagen with a bit of extra cargo space, you just missed this one-off 2005 Mercedes-Benz G500 pickup truck that sold on Bring a Trailer for $125,000.

The pickup was commissioned by Mani Kulasooriya, a California tech entrepreneur. The inspiration came from the G63 6x6 AMG, and the goal was to replicate some of that six-wheeler's style and off-road capability at a (relatively) lower price, Mani told Motor Authority in 2018.

Mercedes has never offered a G-Class pickup in the U.S. but has offered one in other markets. That version was never as luxurious as the G-Wagens sold in the U.S., so this pickup offers the best of both worlds.

The donor G500 was purchased in 2014 and shipped to the Netherlands, where a company called Ikwileeng undertook the conversion.

Mani Kulasooriya's Mercedes-Benz G-Class pickup truck

Mani Kulasooriya's Mercedes-Benz G-Class pickup truck

To make room for the bed, Ikwileeng extended the frame and moved the rear axle back. The bed came from a G-Wagen variant Mercedes built for Scandinavian airlines in the 1970s and 1980s. These were single-cab vehicles designed for cargo-handing duties, but the G500 retains its stock four-door cab.

The completed vehicle retained the stock M113 naturally-aspirated 5.0-liter V-8, which produces 292 horsepower and 336 pound-feet of torque. The engine is coupled to a 5-speed automatic transmission and the stock four-wheel-drive system, which includes a 2-speed transfer case and front, center, and rear locking differentials.

The pickup rides on 16-inch Hutchinson beadlock wheels with Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires and Bilstein shocks. It also has a few tech upgrades, including Apple CarPlay and a 360-degree camera system.

The final sale price was just below the $130,000 to $140,000 we estimated it would take to replicate this build in 2018.

Update: This post was updated to reflect the final sale price of the auction.