Batman may be getting a new two-wheeled ride for new superhero movie "The Flash," which is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

While "The Flash" focuses on a different DC Comics superhero (one who doesn't need a car or bike, thanks to super speed), Batman is expected to make an appearance. The Flash Film News recently tweeted photos from the movie's set showing the Caped Crusader and a new motorcycle.

The bike looks heavily armed, and also appears to have two front tires placed close together, not unlike the arrangement used for the Viper V-10-powered Dodge Tomahawk concept. The new Batcycle is also a lot chunkier looking than the Batpod from Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy.

Batcycle on the set of

Batcycle on the set of

In addition to appearing in "The Flash," Gotham City's favorite son is also getting a new solo movie titled simply "The Batman," with its own new vehicles.

They include a Batcyle, different from the one shown here. Photos and video taken on set show what looks like a modified production bike. Little else is known about this Batcyle, which has only been briefly glimpsed so far.

"The Batman" will also feature a new Batmobile, which looks like a 1960s muscle car modified with a mid-engine configuration. Eschewing the streamlined looks and futuristic tech of previous Batmobiles, photos and the movie's trailer show an exposed V-configuration piston engine sitting out back, and the whole car has the look of something that was fabricated by hand in a garage. "The Batman" is scheduled to reach theaters in October 2021, after coronavirus-related delays.