Ken Block has a new toy, and thanks to a video from the Hoonigan crew, we're invited to come along as Block tests his Ford F-150 Raptor by SVC for the first time.

Block and the Hoonigans published the video on YouTube last Thursday. It features the star drifter and rally racer putting the modified truck through its paces in off-road heaven, Moab, Utah.According to Block, the truck was delivered in December, but he's been a busy guy. He only now just got to test drive the vehicle.

SVC does a lot of custom work for F-150 Raptors, and naturally, Block sent his beast to the best. The truck is finished in Avalanche Gray and boasts unique Hoonigan graphics on the rear. The black vinyl is reflective as seen on one of Block's previous Gymkhana cars.

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Of course, the truck is much more than a graphics package, wheels, and tires, though the rolling stock is impressive. The truck features massive 37-inch Toyo tires mounted on Fifteen52 Turbomac HD wheels, which are inspired by the wheels Block runs on his rally cars. The Raptor sports new fiberglass panels to create a wider front end, which includes a pre-runner-inspired front bumper and wheel wells. Underneath, it has new upper and lower control arms, extended front CV axles, and extended tie rods.

In the rear, the truck features triple-bypass dampers, which is a pretty aggressive setup. The dampers can adjust through their entire range of travel. Basically, they will behave in a soft manner until the driver starts to get aggressive. Then, they compensate for jumps, bumps, and anything thrown at them. Overall, the truck has 15-18 inches of suspension travel.

Under the hood, the SVC Raptor's twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 is mostly stock save for the exhaust, the tune, and a new intercooler. The blow-off valve for the turbo is also hilariously loud.

If you don't want to stick around for the technical parts, jump to the 10-minute mark to watch Block take the truck on the street and into the Moab trails. That's when you get to see all the sideways drifting, blow-off valving, dirt-spitting action.