Ahead of Gymkhana 10's release, the Hoonigan crew decided to let viewers in on some little-known secrets about the blockbuster viral videos that have taken the motorsport community by storm for years.

The crew, alongside Ken Block himself, the Hoonigan-in-chief, counted down 20 secrets viewers never knew about the making of the Gymkhana films, which date back to the first Gymkhana video of 2006. The films are broken up into two separate videos, with part one above, and part two below for your viewing pleasure.

And the first secret is a big one: the Hoonicorn Mustang was actually supposed to be—wait for it—a Ford Maverick. The Maverick, a compact car sold in the United States from 1970 until 1977, was Block's first choice for the Hoonicorn since he wanted to drive something that was not all-wheel drive. Instead, he settled on the Ford Mustang, which we think is a much better-suited car for the series.

That leads us to secret number two: the Hoonicorn was originally intended to star in Gymkhana 6. But, the concept and work needed to build the car pushed it to debut in Gymkhana 7.

Other fun facts fans likely never knew: the team wanted to shoot a one-take version of Gymkhana but an unnamed tire manufacturer shipped the wrong tires to the crew for Gymkhana 3; and in Gymkhana 5, the barge scene was never planned, and Travis Pastrana suffered from a broken ankle while Block did a donut around the motorcyclist in the same film.

Perhaps one of the biggest secrets is the fact that Gymkhana 9 was not supposed to take place in Buffalo, New York. Instead, the crew had scouted out various places around Australia to film. But, in the final hour, Australian police denied the team from filming and said it would promote similar acts from drivers. Not the greatest justification, but the team ended up falling in love with Buffalo after rushing to find a suitable filming location.

Check out all of the secrets, Easter eggs, and unknown facts above and below.