The "Fast and Furious" movies are always packed full of incredible stunts and chases, but one of the film series' highlights is the vault chase scene from "Fast Five."

Jack Gill, a stunt coordinator for "Fast Five" broke down the entire vault chase scene in a new video and we cannot stress this enough: the work that went into this scene is overwhelmingly mind-blowing. It's easy to pass over-the-top scenes like this off as fancy CGI work with computers, but 98 percent of the entire scene features a real 9,000-pound vault that two Dodge Chargers towed.

Starting with the scene where Dom and Brian (Vin Diesel and Paul Walker) break the safe out of the police station, Gill explains they used a breakaway wall. However, the safe is real. Empty, but still real and very heavy. As Dom and Brian drag the safe through the streets of Brazil, we're treated to fascinating inside knowledge. For instance, when the safe rolls into the concrete pillars as the two exit the police station, that wasn't planned. The team knew it would cause some damage, but the destruction and flips it did was all real.

The crew also created two drivable safes for stunt drivers to pilot for two separate instances. One was so meticulously crafted that a pickup truck was welded inside the safe with a stunt driver inside. The stunt driver wore a helmet to feed oxygen while using dry ice to cool the inside since the heat was so intense. That deserves some recognition. The second drivable safe used for a scene where the 9,000-pound box crushes a line of cars was made from a real semi truck. The force of the semi gave the stunt crew the amount of damage they wanted.

What's even wilder is all of the driving is real. The stuntmen and women drove the Dodge Chargers and police vehicles to crash, wreck, and perform maddening maneuvers with no effects added. It's incredible and worth the 20 minutes of your time up above.