Modena, Italy-based design firm Ares wants to drop the top and subtract two doors from the Tesla Model S. On Monday, the firm teased another new project in the form of a Model S Roadster.

The announcement was light on details, but in a Facebook post to the company's official page, Ares said it will "take all its knowledge and creativity into the all-electric cars universe" to design a roadster variant of the electric luxury sedan. A roadster implies the firm plans to totally reconfigure the interior to axe the rear seats and install a convertible top.

From the teaser sketch, we can already see Ares plans just that. The rear passenger doors have been deleted in favor of a coupe-like side profile. The rear sports a smaller deck with haunches that emphasize the rear wheels. The rear fascia looks sportier and more sculpted.

If there's any company that can handle the task of turning a Model S into a roadster, it's Ares. It's unclear how sturdy the Model S's body is, but the low-mounted battery should actually help with overall rigidity, which will be needed for a roadster. The company has churned out some marvelous vehicles in the past, including a modern Ferrari 412 based on the GTC4 Lusso, and a stunning Ferrari 250 GTO recreation.

Ares Tesla Model S convertible

Ares Tesla Model S convertible


The company also plans for a Tesla Model S shooting brake and a Model S convertible. Ares announced the shooting brake this past February, and only a week later, said it planned for a convertible. The shooting brake was scheduled to go on sale this past summer. We haven't received word on where the convertible project stands.

It's unclear when the roadster will make its way to production, but it very well could beat Tesla itself to the punch. The electric-car maker plans to launch its second-generation Roadster model in 2020.