Buick on Wednesday unveiled a new generation of its Excelle compact sedan for the Chinese market.

The car adopts Buick's latest design cues and gives us a hint of what a modern Verano might look like if the nameplate was still sold here.

All Buick will say about its new Excelle is that the car has a wheelbase of 102.8 inches, which is about 4.0 inches shorter than the wheelbase on the Chevrolet Cruze.

The original Excelle was introduced in 2003 and was basically a Daewoo with a few Buick elements thrown in. Despite its humble beginnings, the car proved a hit with families looking for affordable means of transport from a recognized brand.

In 2010, Buick replaced the Excelle with the more substantial Excelle GT, which we saw here as the Verano. It was followed by a redesigned Excelle GT in 2015 and a new China-exclusive Verano that same year. Now Buick has a new Excelle as well. Yes, that's three compact sedans in Buick's Chinese lineup.