Koenigsegg on Wednesday announced that it is in the process of building its last two Agera hypercars, after which the company's sole product will be the Regera hybrid.

The last Ageras are the two remaining examples of the three-car Agera Final collection announced in 2016. Koenigsegg presented the first Agera Final at that year's Geneva auto show.

It isn't clear why the first of the three Agera Finals was already presented two years ago, though perhaps it's one of the final examples by VIN only, because we know 25 Agera RS cars were built after it.

Buyers of the Agera Final were able to specify any elements previously used on Agera-based cars, including the One:1 flagship—at no additional cost. No doubt the most popular was the One:1's engine upgrade to bump the power rating to 1,341 horsepower.

It's hard to believe that the Agera has been with us since 2010. It's arrival was a major milestone for Koenigsegg, as it helped cement the brand's reputation as a performance and technology powerhouse. Since then we've seen Agera variants set numerous records including the production land speed record.

The good news is that Koenigsegg is planning a replacement. It's already confirmed for the 2019 Geneva auto show on next March.