The purchase and ultimate delivery process that comes along with a supercar is a bit different than what you might experience when you buy the family sedan or truckster. Those vehicles are fine, but they don't deserve pomp and circumstance. A machine like the 2018 Ford GT, however, does.

John Hennessey just took delivery of a new Ford GT, and he had his video crew document the process. It's a nice bit of insight into what Ford does for its most exclusive customers.

The car arrives in the back of a covered trailer. It's rolled out and unveiled to what is, in most cases, a waiting throng. Just tell anyone within earshot that your Ford GT is arriving today, and you'll get a throng. Trust us.

Ford also sends an envoy to walk the new owner through the ins and outs of the car. That's smart because the Ford GT has a variety of driving modes and adjustable features that alter how the car behaves.

Finally, Hennessey is presented with a few extras that come along with the purchase of his Ford GT, which happens to be a 2018 Heritage Edition. There's a large bag that looks like it would be perfect for packing away a racing suit, shoes, gloves, and a helmet. An indoor car cover is included and it features a tag that highlights the VIN of John's specific Ford GT. A portfolio is offered up as well, and it holds documentation of the build process for that particular car and the original window sticker. The background picture on the window sticker even features the colors of John's car. 

It's a fun process, but you can tell that John is a little frazzled by it all. And that's because he's wrapping his head around the fact that he just spent more than $500,000 on a car. If he sells a few Venoms, maybe he can stop worrying so much.