With the Demon, Dodge turned a muscle car into a halo car. We're sure the project was fun for all involved, from the engineers to the designers to the marketers. The designers not only got to play with the sheet metal, but they also had the chance to dabble in the macabre and design a Demon logo to match the car's raucous personality.

Mark Trostle, head of design for Dodge and SRT, posted to Instagram on Thursday an inside look at the proposed design sketches for the Challenger Demon logo. In the end, we think Trostle and team picked the right one.

It's interesting to see where the design team may have started the process, and judging by a handful of the logos, it looks like the first direction may have been a possessed a Hellcat-esque design. We see a couple that evoke the Hellcat logo but with a demonized twist.

Other logos look, frankly, terrifying for a production car, and we have a feeling the marketing department had something to say about toning down the horror. A few are rather skeletal. Another handful look too friendly and cartoonish for our tastes. One even looks like a demon dragon on wheels wearing a helmet!

The final logo strikes a pretty good balance between menacing, but not over the top—even if the Challenger Demon is all about being over the top. We're talking about an 840-horsepower, street-legal muscle car with the ability to lift the front wheels off the ground for 2.92 feet. By the way, that was enough to log a Guinness World Record as the first production car to accomplish such a feat.

Dodge will build just 3,300 Demons this year, which means a slim few will have a Demon logo gracing their Challenger.