East Coast Defender might be based in Florida, but the Land Rover modifier looks back on the brand's British history with its new Heritage Collection. The custom Defenders incorporate classic elements from the past with a few modern touches and the images shown so far certainly drip with English charm.

Both D90 and D110 models will feature a rebuilt Rover V-8 engine, much like ECD's Project Tuki, paired to a manual transmission. An automatic transmission is optional, even if it doesn't exactly adhere to the Defender's trucky, implement past. The SUVs are, of course, fitted with four-wheel drive.

Each vehicle will also include air conditioning and an upgraded suspension designed to improve ride quality while remaining at the factory ride height. Other features adorning the Heritage Collection models are a choice between 16-inch alloy or steel wheels, folding side steps or full-length running boards, a Momo-style steering wheel, Exmoor classic upholstery, and a slim-line front bumper.

ECD will produce the first examples of Heritage Collection Defenders six months from now, and they won't be cheap. The company says the vehicles will start at $129,995, though that price could increase if customers request additional features and more luxurious options.