East Coast Defender

  • ECD Land Rover Range Rover Classic

    Florida's ECD has made a name for itself in recent years with its range of restored and restomodded Land Rover Defenders. In fact, the company's name is an acronym for “East Coast Defender.” However, ECD isn't opposed to working on other Land Rover products and has recently turned its attention to the original Range Rover. The company this week unveiled its second custom Range Rover Classic, dubbed the Project Red Rover. The build process starts with determining the customer's vision. It's then a matter of choosing the body style, drivetrain, wheels, tires, accessories, and...

  • East Coast Defender Heritage Collection
    East Coast Defender rolls out Heritage Collection

    East Coast Defender might be based in Florida, but the Land Rover modifier looks back on the brand's British history with its new Heritage Collection. The custom Defenders incorporate classic elements from the past with a few modern touches and the images shown so far certainly drip with English...

  • Project Tuki by East Coast Defender
    East Coast Defender looks back on the SUV's past with Project Tuki

    East Coast Defender will happily build customers an original Land Rover Defender with a modern twist, but for those who seek something with a little more heritage, Project Tuki may be the answer. The Florida-based company revealed the heritage-inspired SUV this past Wednesday, and it boasts a few...

  • East Coast Defender Project Barbour
    Fashion label Barbour commissions bespoke Defender to celebrate Land Rover-inspired line

    Barbour is a British fashion label famous for its rugged, waterproof clothing. The Land Rover Defender is also British, is also rugged, and is also quite adept at wading through water. Now these two icons have come together. Barbour sells a line of Land Rover Defender-inspired clothing, and to help...

  • East Coast Defender Project Blackout
    America’s East Coast Defender back with another V-8-powered Defender SUV

    There’s a company down in Orlando, Florida that’s churning out custom Land Rover Defenders for sale in the United States. The company is East Coast Defender, and it’s offering everything from standard Defenders right up to serious off-roaders packing V-8 power. ECD starts with...

  • East Coast Defender Project Viper
    East Coast Defender offering V-8-powered Land Rover Defenders in US

    There’s a company based in Orlando, Florida offering Land Rover Defenders for sale in the United States. But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill Defenders. No, the Defenders being offered by East Coast Defender are V-8-powered brutes capable of handling the toughest terrain but at the...

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