It was only a matter of time before Hennessey Performance Engineering got its hands on a 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon, and as usual, the Texas performance tuner performed baseline tests to see just how fast and quick the muscle car is.

HPE performed three tests: a quarter-mile drag pass, a top speed run, and a dyno pull.

In the first video, HPE sends the Demon down the quarter-mile to clock a 10.80 elapsed time. HPE disclosed that the Demon was not running on 100-plus-octane gasoline in the videos, instead opting for more common 93-octane fuel. By foregoing the high-octane gasoline and the Mopar controller from the Demon Crate, output dropped to just 808 horsepower, down from the maximum 840 hp. HPE also noted there was some noticeable tire spin and it's confident the car will fall into the low 10-second or high 9-second range. Hennessey also didn't take advantage of launch control or the transbrake feature because the car didn't have 500 miles on it yet, and the car didn't run with the skinny front tires, either.

For the record, Dodge claims a 9.65-second quarter-mile time with 100-plus-octane fuel.

Moving right along, HPE then worked to see just how fast the car is with a good old-fashioned top-speed test. The gauge cluster read out a top speed of 164 mph, which is pretty incredible knowing the car's wearing a set of factory drag tires, Nitto NT05Rs, to be exact. Perhaps just as mesmerizing is to watch the fuel gauge sink from "Full" down to the three-quarter mark all too quickly.

Finally, a standard dyno test was in order. HPE strapped the Demon to its dyno to reveal 721 hp at 6,360 rpm and 684 lb-ft of torque at 4,640 rpm at the rear wheels. Keep in mind that the car was still running 93-octane gasoline and wasn't using the Mopar controller. That means it was making 808 hp at the crank, per Dodge, rather than the top 840 hp. As Hennessey said, a 15-20 percent loss is expected at the wheels, but the Demon lost only about 11 percent of its power. The figures are consistent with another Demon that was hooked up to the dyno. A2Speed showed 724 horsepower at 6,150 rpm and 681 pound-feet of torque at 4,350 rpm. In the long run, HPE wants to build a 1,500-hp Demon.

Click through the videos to get your fill of the Demon for the day. Or, just bask in the glory of the car's 6.2-liter supercharged V-8.