The Coen Brothers are rightfully viewed as directorial geniuses. With such masterpieces as "Fargo," "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou," "Miller's Crossing," "and "The Big Lebowski" under their belts, their take on the world can range from understated to surreal to hyper real.

It's not often you can get such geniuses to direct your commercial, but Mercedes-Benz has done just that for its Super Bowl ad titled "Easy Driver."

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The spot shown here is the 60-second extended cut. The version shown during the Super Bowl on February 5 will be 30 seconds.

The setting is a biker bar filled with an aging clientele. A whitebeard needs his reading glasses to pick Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" on the jukebox, and a quick shot of an "Easy Rider" poster shows the bikers' reverence for Peter Fonda and the lifestyle depicted in that movie.

A lame fight starts to break out, but it's soon interrupted when a biker barges in to announce that several bikes are "blocked in."

It looks like things are going to go sour when the whole bar heads outside to kick some tail, but an older, wiser Peter Fonda has graduated to a new form of transportation and cooler heads prevail. The end of the commercial reveals the ad slogan "Built to be Wild."

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It's a cute spot, but we'd like to see a little more of the off-kilter humor that makes the Coen Brothers' movies so great.

Fonda's mode of transportation is the forthcoming AMG GT Roadster. Why that car? "What we are now doing is beginning a process of making AMG a brand in its own right and broadening that audience," said Drew Slaven, Vice President of Marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA.

Mercedes has another tie-in to the big game. Last week's NFC Championship Game marked the last game the host Atlanta Falcons will ever play in the 25-year-old Georgia Dome. Next year, the Falcons, who play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, will open up the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which will be the host site for Super Bowl LIII in 2019.