The future for Mercedes-AMG will be more than just fire-breathing, turbocharged engines.

AMG boss Tobias Moers told Motor Authority on Thursday at a media event in Los Angeles that the brand will have a hybrid and electric future—maybe soon.

"We are not able to change the future," Moers said. "It's a really exciting situation in the automotive industry. Everybody is talking about electrification and hybridization of drivetrains. Electrification gives you extra power and extra a different way for the performance segment.

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"When we talk about an AMG hybrid or an electric powertrain, it's something we expect beyond 2020 for sure."

Of course, Mercedes-AMG has a hybrid powertrain in its Formula 1 portfolio and it has worked quite well, but when it comes to production cars, Mercedes-AMG hasn't yet ventured far beyond the SLS Electric Drive from 2014. In the past, European markets have seen a diesel-powered AMG car, but there have been no AMG diesels stateside—and that's unlikely to change. 

We have heard rumors that a hypercar may bow this year in Geneva. Word is that it may use the F1 technology, which would give it a hybrid powertrain. Beyond that, Moers added that the brand would consider a hybrid powertrain for other models.

"Our task, and our target has always been—in a new segment—to set the new benchmark," he said.