A nice tight steering circle is a major plus when it comes to stretching your off-road ability. Something like a Jeep Wrangler is a great tool because it's short wheelbase allows it to amble down a tree-lined trail with minimal worries. A team of engineers from Poland have decided to take things a bit further with a vehicle they're calling the FUNTER. They've found that the best way to tighten up a steering circle is by allowing all four wheels to do the steering.

Each axle of the FUNTER can turn independently of the other. This means all four wheels can point in the same direction, which allow for full-on sideways driving. Or the axles can point the front and rear wheels in the opposite direction, which allows the FUNTER to behave almost like a tank that can turn in place.

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It also appears this beast has plenty of suspension travel and a healthy set of wheels and tires. This should allow it to basically go wherever it wants. We don't know what it's based on or what provides the power under the hood. We do know that the first three letters of its name seem to make a ton of sense.

The FUNTER is the product of the Polish Engineers of the Automotive Industry Institute. It's definitely not from a design institute. Still, it doesn't have to be pretty when you're just going to go out and bash it up anyway.

We think an Ariel Nomad might be more fun but we'd love to compare the two. 


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