Over the years, the "Top Gear" team has produced some great video memories at its home base. That would be the Dunsfold Aerodrome, which is where the Top Gear Test Track is laid out. Or was, as it seems that this corner of the UK is set to be paved over and become a housing development.

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Both the studio and the test track take up residence at the Aerodrome. Another 100 businesses are in the area, and it seems those are going to need to find new digs as well. Developers are turning this bit of land into more than 1,800 homes, plus shopping areas, and parks. The roads will be improved and a new bus service will be among the plans as well.

We honestly don't know if this will be good for the area since we're not up to date on the community around the Dunsfold Aerdorome. We will miss the familiar Top Gear Test Track, however, which has played host to hundreds of cars and a cadre of celebrity drivers. Perhaps it will be good for the newer crew to find a fresh home base and a new circuit, though. Either way, we're sure the people behind the cameras will continue to make beautiful cars look even more wonderful on TV.