Lexus didn't have much to show at the 2016 Los Angeles auto show. We've seen the LC a few times now, and we're just waiting on getting our hands on that wonderful looking coupe. Rather than bring nothing new, however, Lexus decided to take one of its current models... and spice it up a bit.

Say hello to the Lexus Sriracha IS, based on the updated 2017 model. Working with the hot-sauce brand and West Coast Customs, Lexus have delivered a vehicle that should please anyone who is a fan of adding a bit more heat to their food. Sriracha abounds on this IS. From the paint scheme to the controls and the key fob and on to the actual 43 bottles of Sriracha sitting in the trunk. You can even dispense emergency Sriracha right from the key fob itself. 

Inside, the steering wheel is finished with a bit of Sriracha coloring. Instead of a Sport Mode, there's now a Sriracha mode and the climate control doesn't just go to a warm setting it goes quite hot. Everywhere you look you find something Sriracha-related.

This is... not a serious build. Still, we like the new IS and love Sriracha when we pair it on our food. When you take the tongue in cheek video for what it's worth, we can step back and find this more than entertaining.

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