Since Ford released it for the 2010 model year, the F-150 Raptor has been a hit for the Blue Oval. Why not? It's a mean machine, with genuine off-road performance. Now a new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is on the way.

Even if you take sales out of the equation, the amount of buzz the truck has drawn for the automaker alone has made the Raptor worth the effort. But where are the competitors? Where is General Motors' version of a high-performance off-road pickup?

No where. Sure, we have the Z71 off-road packages on the Silverados, and the All Terrain models for the Sierra lineup, but those aren't really Raptor competitors. The new All Terrain X is getting closer, but it's still not a true Raptor competitor.

This brings us to a recent Twitter poll in which we asked you if General Motors needs to make a true Ford F-150 Raptor competitor.

The majority of you, a total of 54 percent to be exact, said "Yes."

Surprisingly, 22 percent of you said "No."

A total of 14 percent of you are indifferent with a "Maybe."

And 10 percent of you need to read Motor Authority far more often as you said "What's the Raptor?"

Of course, we are in favor of the idea, as we like to drive vehicles fast, even if it is off-road. The more cool stuff the better.

Why hasn't General Motors built a real Raptor competitor? Only GM really know the answer to that question. As to whether GM actually will build one someday, that's only something we can wish for, along with 54 percent of you.