It's an argument automotive enthusiasts have been having for a very long time: Which type of transmission is the best?

We've all been there. You buy a new car and you're beyond happy, until your friend gives you a hard time over your transmission choice. If you bought a Porsche and opted for the lightning fast dual-clutch transmission you might very well hear, "Wait! You chose to pay for a transmission that shifts for you instead of three pedals? Don't you #GiveAShift?"

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Of course, there are pros and cons with every transmission option, just like most things in life. Everyone will put different weight behind each one of those variables and make their own choice from there.

So today we ask you in our current Twitter poll, which type of transmission would you opt for? Vote below via the embedded poll.

While there is no wrong answer, technically, we of course encourage you to #GiveAShift.