Lamborghini is looking to double its annual production by 2019. For a regular, high-volume manufacturer like Ford or Toyota, this would seem nigh-on impossible. Lamborghini is not a regular, high-volume manufacturer, however, so this goal is definitely possible. How is that going to happen? According to Lamborghini, it will be with the launch of an upcoming SUV.

It's called the Lamborghini Urus, or at least it was when we last heard about it. The plan is to get that SUV into the world by sometime in 2018. It's going to be a rather unique vehicle for a company best known for exotic supercars and hypercars. Further separating itself from the brand, it's reportedly going to use a turbocharged engine, and a plug-in hybrid version may also be waiting in the wings.

There's little doubt that Lamborghini will find buyers for its Urus. According to Reuters, Lamborghini is looking to ramp up its total production figure to 7,000 vehicles annually. In that plan, the automaker would put a 3,500 vehicle cap on its supercars, and fill the rest of its production run with the SUV.

The Urus should hit dealer lots with a price tag that starts around $200,000. It will surely climb higher from there, and we hope to see some crazy Superleggera, SV, and near hyper versions down the road. I mean, we're still talking about a Lamborghini here.