We can all learn a thing or two from Porsche factory driver Patrick Long, and today the expert shows us how to properly execute heel-and-toe downshifting with the car's manual gearbox.

In part three of this video series, Long uses Porsche's new, back-to-basics, track-focused 911 R to illustrate heel-and-toe downshifting before entering a corner. Not only is it a valuable lesson, it also serves as a reminder that the 911 R returns a traditional gated gearbox and a clutch pedal to Porsche's more track-oriented offerings.

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Long immediately addresses the assumption that fast up and downshifts are the most effective way to drive and instead focuses on finesse. 

In part two of the series, Long explained how G-forces affect a car's grip (highlighting Porsche's sophisticated traction and stability control systems), and in part one he showed how to get situated in the driver's seat.

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As before, Long is joined by a pair of especially lucky enthusiasts as they learn from the master.


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