Porsche factory driver Patrick Long is at it again for the second installment of the German sports car manufacturer's instructional series.

Utilizing the new 911 R, Long takes a pair of unnamed enthusiasts to Porsche's Weissach Development Center in Germany to teach them about g-forces.

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Initially, Long begins the lesson with a discussion of understeer, when the front of the car is out of control, and oversteer, when control of the rear has been lost. The short instructional video has one of the better illustrations of these two terms that we've seen.

From there, Long and the drivers head out to the course and induce understeer.

The videos also highlight the benefits of PSM, or Porsche Stability Management, the brand's advanced electronic stability control system. PSM is capable of correcting understeer.

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At the very least, the video offers up some nice eye candy of the new 911 R sliding around a closed course. The 911 R is Porsche's new back-to-basics mainstream lightweight, a reborn nameplate that was introduced recently at the Geneva Motor Show.

Don't forget to check out Long's first instructional video, which teaches drivers how to get settled into the 911 R before the drive.


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