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Godsil Manhattan V16

Where will production take place?

At this time, it is our intention to contract the manufacturing to Panoz Auto Development. They have been building cars since the ’90s and know all the regulations that are required for the engineering of the car. It is another example of putting together a great team that is paramount to our success.

When do you realistically think the first production car will hit the street?

The ideal timeline is that we could debut a prototype, using the prototype engine we are working on now, in about eight-to-ten months after we finalize with our investment partners. With the development and testing of the powertrain and all the certifications that will be needed, we envision a production car hitting the streets about three-to-four years later.

How is the development of the car being financed?

At this time my company Exotica Motorsports is funding the development. However, we are looking into investment outlets and partnerships.

Why natural gas? Why not a gasoline engine, which would be easier to develop?

Investors today are looking for the next fuel source whether it is electric, wind, or solar, so I doubt a new gasoline car company is really going to interest anyone. When Stephen Chue recommended that I look into natural gas I was amazed that we aren’t using this fuel already. From an environmental standpoint, natural gas is much cleaner than gasoline, is cheaper at the pump and the best part is, we have a huge amount of natural gas right here in America. If we utilize natural gas for transportation we could stop importing oil in the near future and get out of all the problems that oil brings with it.

A gasoline V-16 would be easier and there is no explaining to people about the benefits of using natural gas or the range anxiety, but it doesn’t move us forward as a nation. We want this car company to inspire people to demand their next vehicle is natural gas, to demand their products are made in America, and to start having pride in American companies. We would love to partner with a natural gas corporation to help spearhead a revolution in the car industry.

You focus a lot on refueling at home on the website. With the lack of real CNG refueling infrastructure, it’s not like just going to your local gas station. Would you consider this a city/suburbia car?

There are currently about 1,500 fueling stations in the country, of which about half of those are for the public. There are many companies and states trying to add more stations as we speak. Once our prototype is completed and the first production car hits the road we are now in 2019-2020, by then we hope that there are a few thousand more stations. The onboard navigation system will show the nearest natural gas station as well.

Why a coupe for Godsil Motorcar’s first vehicle?

The Manhattan is a two-door coupe with a full four-place interior. There are so many four-door cars on the market but very few two-doors with a usable rear seat. Most buyers probably prefer the look of a two-door but want the room of a four-door. The Manhattan fills both those demands. Think of a large car in between a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe and Wraith, two doors but with a comfortable rear seat.

What can people expect in terms of pricing for the Manhattan V16?

There are so many things that can change between now and production time that we are not comfortable stating a price. Our target market is more than a Rolls-Royce but less than a Bugatti.

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