The people are going crazy for Plum Crazy, according to Dodge. Demand for the limited-edition hue is high yet production of cars with that color was scheduled to end last month. Fear not, as Dodge has decided to extend purple production for one more month. You can select the color if you're buying a new Challenger or Charger. If you're buying a Viper, you can pretty much get that car in any color you want.

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Should you be stepping up to a Hellcat, you can also opt for a new design flourish for the exterior of the car. A pair of stripes can be added, and they're done in a carbon fiber pattern. The dual stripes will run you $995 at the dealer, so we bet they'll be popular. They run from front fascia to rear fascia, falling over the hood, roof, and deck lid along the way.

If you pair the stripes with the soon-to-end Plum Crazy, you might end up with a seriously rare paint and style scheme on your Hellcat. In 40 years, it will be the hit of the Barrett-Jackson Mars Base 3 auction.

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