When Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released the gameplay trailer for its forthcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie tie-in back in April, we described it as looking "apocalyptically awesome." And the game's new story trailer released this week?

It looks even better.

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Which could prove good or bad for the console adventure. A month ago, Mad Max: Fury Road had yet to be released, and while the trailers held promise, the film's years in "development hell"—along with some seriously post-wrap reshoots—kept many fans from setting their expectations too high. But now, the movie is 2015's first proper summer blockbuster. Its War Boys are even reviewing Amazon products.  So the game has some seriously big shoes to fill.

And with gorgeous graphics getting harder to render, there's always the distinct possibility that the flick's stellar storytelling will have written checks the game's fractals can't cash. We're keeping our fingers crossed it'll be a proper companion piece as opposed to a coarse cash grab, but we'll have to wait and see. 

The Mad Max game will be released in September for XBox One and PlayStation 4. 


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