Wild, post-apocalyptic scenes, a young and as-yet not off-the-rails Mel Gibson, and a heavily modified 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe: without these, Mad Max wouldn't have been the success it was, and it certainly wouldn't have made its way into the cockles of car-loving hearts as it has over the past 32 years. Now, Ford Australia and Top Gear Australia magazine have teamed up to show off a pair of modern re-intrepretations of the Mad Max Interceptor.

The two designs, offered by competing artists Nima Nourian and Simon Brook, attempt to capture the frenzied, rugged appearance of the original in a modern light, though to our eye, they're a bit too polished and not quite as brutal as the original, despite a futuristic car-taser fitted to the front of Nourian's take.

Ford Australia is rather enthusastic about the project, however, with the company's design director Chris Svensson saying, "Our entire team was very excited to be involved in this after-hours project and they approached it with a great deal of enthusiasm - even those that were too young to remember the first Mad Max movie. We had a special screening of the original movie so they could understand it."

The two final concepts seen here are now up for a vote by the readers of TopGear Australia magazine, with the winning design to be turned into a clay model, then in to a scale mockup, to be shown later this year.

Ford Australia Mad Max Interceptor Concepts

Ford Australia Mad Max Interceptor Concepts


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