Sunday’s Big Game, Super Bowl XLVII, is now over, with the Seattle Seahawks trumping the Denver Broncos in what turned out to be one of the most one-sided contests in Super Bowl history. But we’re not here to report on sports results; we’re here to report on all the car ads.

Audi: In its ad, German brand Audi wants you to avoid the perils of compromise by scaring you with the ‘Doberhuahua’.

Chevrolet: The bowtie brand this year ran a couple of ads for its Silverado pickups. The more significant one was made to build awareness about cancer sufferers and Chevy’s Purple Roads charitable campaign.

Chrysler: Chrysler has been the standout advertiser at recent Super Bowls, and this year was no different. Its spot, featuring singer Bob Dylan and the new 2015 Chrysler 200, is all about American authenticity. I guess this would be a bad time to mention that Chrysler is currently owned by Italian firm Fiat.

Ford: Comedian Rob Riggle and actor James Franco team up in Ford’s Big Game spot. It’s all about getting the word “double” into your head. Why? So that you remember that the Ford Fusion Hybrid gets almost double the gas mileage of the average vehicle.

Honda: For its spot, Honda enlisted Bruce Willis to talk safety and hugs.

Hyundai: Hyundai ran two ads this year. The better one, for the 2015 Genesis, dramatizes the close calls and saved situations of everyday parenting. It turned out to be one of the more popular ads.

Jaguar: Jaguar’s ad played on the brand’s slightly underdog image next to the more typical luxury brands, marking it out as a more left-field, discerning choice than its rivals. To represent this, it used the theme of the classic British villain.

Jeep: The 2014 Cherokee is the star of Jeep’s ad. Jeep hopes the compact ute will be the answer to all your restlessness, the “feeling you get when you deny your curiosity too long”.

Kia: Kia’s ad was one of the big surprises this year. It stars Laurence Fishburne who reprises his old role of Morpheus from the Matrix movies.

Maserati: Like Jaguar, Maserati is playing the underdog theme, using its new Ghibli as the focus. The ad has some great visuals and awesome sound, but the message is somewhat mixed as it compares an expensive Italian luxury sedan with a bunch of blue collar workers.

Toyota: The Japanese automaker hired the Muppets and former NFL player-turned-actor Terry Crews for its Super Bowl ad highlighting the new Highlander.

Volkswagen: The German automaker has scored a string of touchdowns in recent years, but its ad this year was a little subdued and played on the sensibility of shoppers.


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