If you were to imagine the worst possible Photoshop of a fictional Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Shooting Brake, this is what you'd likely end up with. Strand Craft is great at making vaporware (both road-going and ocean-going). Almost all of it is wholly unbelievable. But we want this to be real.

Or, more accurately, we want this idea to be brought into reality. Not necessarily by Strand Craft--in fact, definitely not by them. The "press release" accompanying the poorly-executed image is a cautionary tale in how not to write English.

It reads:

Strand Craft is proud to announce a new product line in addition to it's already famous Super Yachts. In production is a Sport Touring wagon, based on Shelby GT 500 wide body..a real American dream car. There will be only one available for purchase in April 2014. This desirable one of a kind vehicle will be build by a world renowned concept car builder in Los Angeles. Design by Kurt Strand. A fast high performance sports car, powered by a super charged 5,8 L DOHC engine with 850 horsepower (0-60 sprint of 3,3 seconds) This unique car comes fully loaded. Recaro seats and a complete grain leather interior, even the trunk makes the car outstanding. The interior is finished with a luxurious 7 channel audio system specially built by McIntosh. McIntosh delivers peak audio output at 1.000 watts with crystal clear sound.

WOW! One whole watt! (We know, some Europeans use the full stop where we Americans use a comma, but come on.)

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If this car really is (coach)built for some lucky one-off buyer, well, kudos to that lucky guy or gal. But the rest of us want something less obviously fictional and more realistically purchase-able.

Speaking for the Loyal Order Of Shooting Brake Internet Denizens, we hereby make a formal request: Someone, please build this. If you build it, we will come.