• Inferno Exotic Car concept

    It's called the Inferno Exotic Car (yes, that's what this model is called), and it's the cartoonishly styled concept supercar that's sprung from the mind of Antonion Ferrarioli. It's also the latest aggressive vehicular creation to spring forth from Mexico, after the Mastretta MXT and VŪHL 05 paved the way. Now it's seemingly Inferno's turn, after making its debut at the recent Expo Bancomer. The Inferno Exotic Car is packing a whole lot of power and performance... at least that's what the team behind the car have to say about it. There's talk of a twin-turbo V-8 engine cranking out 1,400...

  • PSC SP-200 SIN concept
    PSC Reveals Hybrid Supercar, Raises Claimed Output To 2,400 Horsepower

    American supercar startup PSC Motors has kept to its world of revealing a new hybrid supercar by today’s date, but right now it’s hard to believe the company will be able to fulfil its more critical claim of actually building the car. PSC’s car, dubbed the SP-200 SIN, has only...

  • Exotic Rides W70
    Florida Tuner Reveals LaFerrari-Inspired W70 Supercar

    A company by the name of Exotic Rides and based in Orlando, Florida has come out with a series of renderings for a new supercar it plans to build. The company has already started taking orders for the car, which is called the W70, and promises to have it ready by 2015. CHECK OUT: 2015 Ford Mustang...

  • Trion Nemesis
    2,000-HP Trion Nemesis To Enter Production In 2016

    Will the Trion Nemesis prove to be more than just another piece of supercar vaporware?

  • Tecnicar Lavinia
    Italian Firm Plans Electric Supercar

    Italy is famous for its fiery V-12 supercars but soon it could also be known for electric performance cars. Tecnicar, a company that sells those small electric trains you often see at theme parks and popular tourist spots, is working on an electric supercar that will have as much as 800 horsepower...

  • Trion Nemesis
    Trion Nemesis Promises 2,000 HP, Predator Mode: American Vaporware

    A new American supercar is coming, according to its manufacturers. The Trion Nemesis claims to offer 2,000 horsepower from a twin-turbo V-8 as well as a "Predator Mode." Along with its monstrous horsepower output, the Trion Nemesis is claimed to be capable of 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds and a top speed...

  • Strand Craft Shelby Mustang GT500-based shooting brake

    If you were to imagine the worst possible Photoshop of a fictional Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Shooting Brake, this is what you'd likely end up with. Strand Craft is great at making vaporware (both road-going and ocean-going). Almost all of it is wholly unbelievable. But we want this to be real. Or, more accurately, we want this idea to be brought into reality. Not necessarily by Strand Craft--in fact, definitely not by them. The "press release" accompanying the poorly-executed image is a cautionary tale in how not to write English. It reads: Strand Craft is proud to announce a new product line...

  • Izaro GTE supercar project
    Another Day, Another Start-Up Announces An Electric Supercar

    It seems these days that a new electric sports car concept is announced almost every month and this month will be no different. The latest is from Spanish firm Izaro, which has announced its new GTE hybrid and all-electric supercar. Set to debut later this year with a pricetag of €55,000...

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