We know you've been keeping tabs of us on social media this week, which means you already knew we spent quite a bit of time in the new 2014 Audi RS 7. We'll just say this, it's fast and we like it, a lot.

In other news, the worst-kept secret in the world known as the new 2014 BMW 2-Series was finally made official this week, and it'll start from $33,025. Over at Audi the new 2015 A3 sedan was priced from $30,795, and Jeep announced the new Wrangler Polar Edition just in time for winter.

In the entertainment department this week we have Chris Harris destroying four sets of tires in a Ferrari F12 Bellinetta, and some idiots stole an Audi RS 5 from a dealership in Texas after taking a test drive. We'd be remiss if we left out this awesome 'Ken Box' video parody, because it's simply terrific.

We took a closer look at the President's limo, also known as The Beast, and Mercedes-Benz showed us the new 2015 C-Class' interior.

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