Remember those books you had as a kid where each break in the story allowed you to pick how it continued? You'd pick one, flip to the required page, read it and then decided it was boring and you wanted to choose the other path anyway.

We wonder if Infiniti's new Deja-View responsive film is similar. The premise is the same--you watch a film, and get to pick how the story develops. From there though, it goes a lot more high-tech: the film actually responds to your spoken interactions with the characters, adapting to each viewer as the story progresses.

Developed in partnership with Campfire, a film studio co-founded by the creators of The Blair Witch Project, Infiniti says the film combines cinematic narrative with new technologies. That includes language processing technology allowing you to interact with the story, creating an "immersive entertainment experience".

The story centers around a couple driving along in their--wait for it--Infiniti Q50, with no idea of who they are, where they are or who to trust. Or presumably, why they're in this situation with a brand new Infiniti Q50. Rather than having a set story line though, viewers will be able to affect the characters' choices and help them continue their journey using mobile phone conversations.

The film stars Charlotte Sullivan and Andrew Pastides, and is directed by Phillip Van. You can take part in the unusual experience on the Deja-View website.


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