This week has been filled with crazy automotive news on social media. From the $7.5 million solid gold Lamborghini Aventador to the insane center-steer Nissan Patrol, we aren't even sure what to make of things anymore.

Don't even get us started on the guy who destroyed his BMW M6 with an axe in front of the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show, and then there's the couple in Texas who own 65 Vipers. Yes, 65 Vipers!

Porsche powered up the 918 Spyder online configurator, and we put together a mega gallery of the Jaguar C-X17. If you're more of a McLaren fan, we have a mega gallery of the P1 for your viewing pleasure as well.

Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V went on sale and cleared $800 million in its first day. No, you didn't read that number wrong, and yes clearly video game culture is alive and well.

Caterham unveiled the AeroSeven Concept, and Keating revealed the new Bolt supercar.

If somehow all of this is news to you, then you're obviously not following us on social media. Luckily for you, you can easily correct this mistake for next week by keeping an eye on our Instagram feed for newly-posted photos, refresh the Motor Authority Facebook fan page, and chat with us on Twitter--and see what you didn't see here via #Storify.