It’s not uncommon to find an individual or couple with an assortment of cars tucked away in a private garage. Some famous examples include comedian Jay Leno and the Sultan of Brunei.

What is quite rare, however, is to meet collectors whose entire collection is made up of the same car. That’s the case for the Texan couple featured in this video from eGarage (via Autoblog), whose garage is stocked with no less than 65 Vipers.

To be fair, the couple, Wayne Rauh and wife D’Ann, have over 100 cars, so their collection is not only limited to Vipers, but it still boggles the mind that people would want to own so many examples of the same car. They even own a pair of 2010 Viper SRT10 ACR-X track specials, which aren’t road legal so they only get used on the Rauh’s vast property.

The great part is that the Rauhs appear appreciative of all their cars and look after them properly, ensuring each is driven regularly. Interestingly enough, their Viper obsession only started in 2006, which means they’ve roughly been buying the cars at a rate of 9 per year.


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