The original Nissan Juke-R seemed to answer a question that few people were asking: what if you took an ordinary crossover and grafted the mechanicals of a world-class supercar to it?

The end result was an unexpected hit the world over, and enough buyers stepped to the plate with a cost-be-damned attitude that Nissan, via partner RML, decided to build a handful of Juke-R examples. Parking one in your own garage was said to cost some $600,000.

British tuning firm Severn Valley Motorsport knows a thing or two about making Nissan GT-Rs go faster, as its “Hulk” GT-R claims to be the world’s fastest, delivering a top speed of 218 miles per hour.

As Pistonheads tells us, if RML could build a Juke R, Severn Valley Motorsport reckoned it could certainly copy the formula to build its own uber-crossover, based on the Nissan Qashqai. In fact, it will be building two, and at least one has the potential of embarrassing Juke-Rs from stop light to stop light.

The white Qashqai seen here (which has no equivalent model in the U.S. market) will make a modest 550 horsepower when completed, while a second variant, painted black, will be tuned to produce 900 horsepower.

That’s pretty much guaranteed to get your ice cream home from the grocery store before it melts, assuming you keep it strapped down and as far away from the exhaust as possible.

What’s your take on this? Are uber-tuned Frankencrossovers the next big segment, or will history look back at vehicles like the Juke-R and the Qashqai-R and ponder exactly what chemicals had leached into our drinking water?