Do you long for the days of bell-bottomed jeans, 8-track tapes and billowing chest hair? Do you mourn the passing of the Screaming Chicken, emblazoned on a hood with a protruding intake? Take heed, retro muscle car fans: thanks to the team at TransAm Depot, the Pontiac Trans Am lives on.

In fact, it’s not just living, it’s thriving. New for 2013 are Hurst Editions of the once-iconic muscle car, boasting many familiar touches. The honeycomb-style wheels are present and accounted for, as is the classic black-with-gold livery (though white with gold and silver with black color schemes are also available).

Turning an ordinary Camaro into modern-day Hurst Trans Am takes some doing, and each of the Hurst Edition cars gets an Eibach suspension; forged Hurst wheels; an OEM-style Shaker hood; redesigned front and rear fascias; a complete body kit; HID headlights; LED taillights and brake lights; LED turn signals; a Hurst shifter and a Hurst decal kit.

Inside, the car gets unique sill plates; a Hurst dash plaque; carbon fiber trim on the dash, doors and gauge cluster; two-tone leather seats with the Hurst logo and Hurst-emblazoned floor mats.

The option list includes both supercharger and twin-turbo kits; long-tube stainless steel headers; a 2.5-inch stainless steel exhaust; a coil-over suspension and a T-top roof.

While the above TransAm Depot commercial, found on Autoblog, will do nothing to further the cause of women’s rights, it is a tongue-in-cheek trip back to the 1970s, when women in Daisy-Duke shorts and clingy gold cocktail dresses were regular staples of television and advertising.

If the Hurst Trans Am doesn’t quite do it for you, however, Trans Am Depot will also be happy to build you a car styled like the 1977 Trans Am, the 1969 Trans Am or even the 1969 Pontiac GTO.


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