We tip our hats to Mercedes-Benz, who admittedly had us beyond puzzled with the build up to its Super Bowl XLVII ad. While we certainly don’t mind reviewing footage of Kate Upton, we couldn’t see where she fit into the grand scheme of things - until now.

While we can’t say we’ve ever been faced with the same decision as the hero in the clip, we can see where it would be tempting (though, honestly, we’d be holding out for a much faster car than the new Mercedes-Benz CLA).

If there’s a takeaway from this video, we’d say it’s this: be careful what you ask for, and never sign anything without reading it first.

Assembling the cast of characters in the ad had to be pricey, since we doubt Usher, Willem Dafoe or Kate Upton work for scale, and you’re not going to buy them off with a free CLA, either.

We’d say it was money well spent, as this could be the best Super Bowl ad of the year, and may even represent one of the all-time greats.

Look for the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA luxury compact to hit dealers later this year, priced from a soul-saving $29,900.