Here are the latest shots of Cadillac’s extended-range electric ELR, wearing a triangular camouflage pattern, undergoing what appears to be hot-weather testing at an undisclosed location in the Southwest.

Originally shown as the Converj in January of 2009, the Volt-based luxury car has since been identified by Cadillac as the ELR. Production was confirmed in 2011, and the car will allegedly come to market with an evolved version of the Voltec powertrain.

Don’t expect the shapely coupe, due for launch in 2013 as a 2014 model, to be just a two-door Chevrolet Volt, however. Since it wears a Cadillac badge on the grille, there will be more luxury content and more technology, both of which (generally) translate to added weight.

Since the ELR will carry a higher sticker price than the Volt, lighter (and more expensive) materials will likely be used to counter this, but we still expect the ELR to weigh in some 100 pounds heavier than the Volt.

Cadillacs are about performance, too, so the ELR will likely get a larger range-extending gasoline engine, for faster battery recharging and, perhaps, supplemental torque to the drive wheels under heavy acceleration.

There’s talk about added battery capacity, too, with the ELR expected to come to market with a 17.0 kWh battery pack, compared to the latest Volt’s 16.5 kWh pack.

We’re generally fans of the Volt, and we like the direction that Cadillac has taken in recent years. Is the market ready for a luxury extended-range electric vehicle priced within reach of the masses? We’ll find out next year.