It's going to be a weekend of firsts (and seconds) for BMW: The brand's second-ever collaborative effort with coachbuilder Zagato will make its global debut at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and the 2013 Alpina B7 will make its North American debut alongside the new 2013 7-Series.

The teaser image above shows the second BMW Zagato Concept will echo the first, being based--most likely--around the BMW Z4, given its proportions. While the first BMW Zagato concept was a coupe unveiled at Villa d'Este, this one will be a roadster. Otherwise, we expect to see many of the same design themes as before: a focus on aerodynamics, with a classic twist on modern style, filtered through Zagato's characteristic themes and details.

As for the 2013 Alpina B7, we already know what to expect of it: 540 horsepower, a top speed of 194 mph, and a price tag starting from $127,600. Making its North American debut, the 2013 Alpina B7 will be just the third Alpina model officially sold in the U.S.

The 2013 7-Series is likewise a familiar car, having been revealed this May. Its first stop on U.S. soil will place it in tough company, but given the conservative restyling and growing technology specs, we expect it will find a warm reception.

Other BMWs not to be missed (and sure to be among the many photo galleries we'll be posting over the next several days) include the legendary M8 Prototype, a 1980 M1 Procar and a 1975 3.5 CSL. The latter two will be on display at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion held at the nearby Laguna Seca track, while the M8 will show at the Legends of the Autobahn at the Rancho Canado Golf Club in Carmel Valley.

We'll be live at Pebble Beach in just a couple of days, so stay tuned for all of our articles, photos, and videos fresh from the Monterey Peninsula.