If you’re into Corvettes (and what we’ll call the Corvette lifestyle), you already know that a pilgrimage to Corvettes at Carlisle is a requirement on your bucket list. The annual event brings together Corvette owners (and fans) from around the world for three days of swap meets, giveaways, auctions, car shows and presentations, all centered on the Corvette.

This year the event will play host to some 40 GM staffers, including current and former engineers, marketing staffers and others linked to the development of the iconic sports car. There will even be opportunities to test drive current GM products at the Carlisle Expo Center, where GM employees will also conduct product demonstrations and field customer questions.

Allowing owners to interact with those responsible for the Corvette’s development is just one thing that sets the Carlisle event apart from others, according to event manager Lance Miller.

Of the GM team, Miller says, “It's great to know that despite the size of the company, the Corvette Team on hand during Corvettes at Carlisle has the same passion any Corvette lover does!  I'm honored to know them firsthand."

That same sentiment is echoed by Corvette product marketing manager Harlan Charles, who says, “We get invaluable feedback from talking to customers and that helps us make better Corvettes for the future.  Best of all, this is an opportunity for new Corvette team members to be immersed in the fun and passion of the Corvette culture...”

This year’s Corvettes at Carlisle show is scheduled for August 24 - 26. For complete details on the event, or to order tickets in advance, head on over to the Corvettes at Carlisle home page.