Let’s face it: it’s getting harder and harder to come up with original and inspiring Super Bowl ads for car companies.

In the past few years we’ve seen everything from Kia’s joyriding aliens to Audi’s Orwellian “Green Police” to Volkswagen’s pint-sized Darth Vader.

This year, Audi’s given us vampires, Honda is bringing back Ferris Bueller and Suzuki has shown us exactly how many sled dogs fit in the Kizashi. Now it’s Hyundai’s turn, and its Super Bowl ad is meant to give a bit of inspiration, courtesy of 1976’s Oscar-winning film, “Rocky.”

We’re not sure if the vocals are actually from Montgomery, Alabama plant employees, but the smiling faces you see in the video are really those of Hyundai’s Alabama staff. We’ve toured the plant, and it wouldn’t surprise us if this kind of thing happens on a regular basis, since Hyundai workers really are this cheerful and inspired.

Given our choice, though, we’d prefer Toyota’s reinvented-Camry-inspired view of the world. After a hard day in the office, few things would beat walking to your car in the rain, getting stopped by the police on the way home and relaxing on your couch with a fresh slice of curtain.

We’d pass on using the blender to whip up a smoothie, but we promise we wouldn’t complain the next time we were forced to endure a trip down to the DMV.