When we first told you about Audi’s upcoming ad for Super Bowl XLVI, we mentioned that it would center around Audi’s signature LED headlights. At the time, that’s all Audi was sharing with us, and now we know why.

Audi has posted a teaser for its upcoming big game commercial, and frankly we’re a bit stunned. It features vampires (really), an utterly played-out meme that likely appeals to pre-college-age girls only. We would have been less surprised if Audi based it on the Harry Potter saga, which at least has some universal appeal.

Sure, we understand the tie-in. Audi’s LED headlamps are bright, and the give the cars a unique character. Vampires hate the light (well, sunlight, at least), ergo vampires would be repulsed by Audi’s headlamps.

We’re not sure what marketing agency produced Audi’s Super Bowl ad, but our advice is to use a different one for next year’s campaign. Serving up leftovers from years back is hardly a way to have consumers remember you.

Unless, of course, your target demographic really is teenaged girls. In which case we’d call the ad a success.

If you want a chance to see the ad in full before the game, and maybe even win a trip to the Audi Sportscar Experience, head on over to Audi's dedicated audiracethelight.com Facebook page.