Suzuki has a bit of a brand awareness problem on its hands. Its Kizashi midsize sedan is, for the most part, competitive with the best of the non-luxury brands on the market today. The trouble is that few buyers know it exists.

It’s even available in both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive, as your needs (and budget) dictate. Suzuki tried to point that out to us during last year’s Super Bowl, with an ad that pitted the AWD Kizashi against demonic, animated snowmen.

This year’s Super Bowl spot is also designed to remind us how good the Kizashi is in winter weather. Nobody knows winter weather like the Eskimos, who are generally forced to rely on dogsleds for winter transport (in cliches, at least, since most now use snowmobiles).

Knowing that, who better to pitch the Kizashi than an Eskimo, who trades in his trusted dogsled for a new, AWD Kizashi sedan? His wife, however, appears unimpressed, perhaps distressed over the fact that he gave up two dogs in the trade-in. Fortunately, there isn't a vampire in sight.

We hope the Super Bowl "Sled" ad buys Suzuki some showroom traffic, especially considering the cost of a single 30-second spot.  We’d suggest you take a drive in one if you’re shopping for a midsize sedan, although it probably wouldn’t be our first choice for winter fun in the circumpolar region.