The Nissan GT-R is no slouch even among cars costing twice its price or more. It's also a very large car in relation to much of its competition. But it's dwarfed by the HPE1000 Hennessey twin-turbo Cadillac Escalade paired up with it in this video. Even worse: it gets outrun by the 6,000-pound behemoth.

It's just a 0.1-second margin between the GT-R and the twin-turbo SUV to 60 mph, but it's in the Escalade's favor at 3.3 seconds to 3.4.

Of course, there are many sources noting faster 0-60 mph times for the GT-R, and the 2012 model shaves a half-second off the time in this video, but to even mention the Cadillac and Godzilla in the same sentence when it comes to performance is mind boggling.