Ghost Hunters on Syfy

Ghost Hunters on Syfy

Chrysler's marketing team has had some hits and some misses over the past year. For a while, Olivier Francois & Co. ran nothing but quirky branding campaigns, featuring the likes of Mikhail Gorbachev and Nelson Mandela cruising in Chrysler vehicles. That made dealers confused and mad, but mostly mad.

Eventually, Chrysler rolled out a new model -- the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee -- and it launched a product specific campaign, which was...well, it had its moments. Far more interesting were the Michael C. Hall-voiced Dodge ads, some of which featured an invisible monkey.

We're not sure why Dodge has chosen to invest its advertising dollars so heavily in the Syfy channel this month, but apparently, it makes a good match for the brand's target demographic (i.e. people like us who enjoy documentaries about Vlad the Impaler). Pride of place goes to the Grand Caravan, which will be featured in a live broadcast of Ghost Hunters on Halloween night.

Frankly, we never thought minivans were that spooky -- but, then, we never would've thought to run a SIX HOUR broadcast of Ghost Hunters, so what the heck do we know?