BMW Motorsports Parts Now Available For U.S. racers

BMW Motorsports Parts Now Available For U.S. racers

Race a Bimmer on the weekend? Hate ordering parts (and paying the premium) from Europe? Well, your prayers have been answered, as BMW Motorsports parts are now available directly to U.S. customers. The move means grassroots and pro teams will have better access, and likely at lower prices, than ever before.

The full catalog of parts is available at the BMW Motorsport site, and you can order directly or head to one of the four BMW centers selling the parts over the counter. There's one in Atlanta, one in Westmont, Illinois, one Stratham, New Hampshire, and the fourth in Solon, Ohio. The current parts catalogs support 2008 Z4s, 1995-present M3s, and 2006-present 3-Series sedans.

That won't do anything for the Spec E30 crowd, but they're used to "alternative" sourcing (junkyards, parts cars and aftermarket) by now anyway. The E36 and E46 3-Series BMWs are frequently found on autocross courses, HPDEs, track days and amateur races around the country, though, so there'll be plenty of people glad to hear the news, and the high-rollers in the E90 hardware or newer Z4s will also be able to stock their rigs with plenty of gear.

The parts are only intended for use on "motorsport/racing/off-road BMW vehicles" of course, so you may be out of luck if you want to mod your daily driver and stay street-legal. But isn't it time to gut it, cage it, and throw some real hardware at it anyway?