The first Ferrari to wear the GTO badge since the 288 GTO was confirmed for production by CEO Amedeo Felisa back in February, and today an image purporting to be an official pricing guide has hit the Web ahead of the 599 GTO's on-sale date. The car had been expected to make its debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, but was pushed back by a month to early April.

The guide offers pricing only in euros, but the pre-tax pricing of 267,163 equates to roughly $355,000. It's possible that's still a bit on the high side for the U.S. price of the car, since, as the Europeans say, we Americans buy in bulk. With the standard 599 GTB Fiorano starting around the $300,000 mark, however, the track-focused GTO is likely to be a touch more expensive, especially considering its limited status--only about 500 are expected to be built.

If you've forgotten what the 599 GTO is expected to be like, here are the crib notes: 700 horsepower, up to 150 pounds lighter, lots of aerodynamic and suspension upgrades, very little in the way of compromise for comfort. It's also expected to look a lot like the 599XX debuted to customers at Valencia last month (pictured). The 599 GTO marks the second, and highest-performance, variant of the 599 to emerge recently. The 599 HGTE package was unveiled at last year's Geneva show, and went on sale last summer. That car was more of an exercise in extracting the most from what was already there, with a re-tuned gearbox, more tautly tuned suspension, and grippier tires playing the central roles.

Stay tuned for the full, official details the first week in April, but in the mean time, you can see the options list in the image at the link below.