We've said it before, but the term "supercar" is so overused and often ill-applied these days that it's lost a lot of its meaning. But in the case of Aston Martin's One-77, the word is reborn. This is one Super Car, and the video below demonstrates this with audio and video evidence.

A haunting howl from deep within the One-77's 7.3-liter V-12 chest breaks free as the driver mashes the pedal, sending the arched, muscular form of the Aston Martin off toward the vanishing point. Super. And yet from within the cockpit, the One-77 seems to be as refined and elegant as any Aston. Car.

The sights and sounds, while mesmerizing, should come as no surprise, however. Aston has long been known for producing some of the most mellifluous engine notes in the business, and its designs, particularly of late, rival or surpass the legendary Italians.

The One-77's performance is no surprise, either, as the car has already broken the 220 mph mark in testing.

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