Ferrari is already planning to push hybrid versions, like the 599 HY-KERS revealed this week, to every model in its lineup within three to four years, so it's no surprise that new reports say Maserati is considering the move as well. The sister companies aren't as tightly interwoven as they once were, but both are still under Fiat's umbrella, and Maserati is expected to leverage Ferrari's development for its own cars.

Maserati is perhaps an even better fit for hybrid drivetrains that Ferrari--though they are capable of impressive performance,  Maseratis are generally less expensive, more frequently driven, and as much about image as anything else--meaning a green clean-up that comes at the cost of performance or weight won't have the purist's sports car bias to overcome.

According to the report, Maserati is also working on other initiatives to help improve fuel efficiency in its cars, including weight reduction. Ferrari has already revealed that its primary focus in employing hybrids across its range is meeting necessary emissions targets, meaning the F1-derived KERS hybrid system is something of a necessary regulatory evil. That same emissions-slashing logic applies at Maserati, so don't be surprised if you see more than one hybrid rolling out with a Trident badge over the next several years.

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